Sunday, February 21, 2016


Hello family and friends. The day has finally come!

Shawn Stephenson and I are getting married 
on April 30, 2016 in Portland, OR!

Our Story

Shawn and I met online. Yep, you read that right! We began sending messages the week of Halloween and bonded over card games and movies. Shawn didn't waste any time and asked for my number that same week. I was a little nervous, but appreciated that we weren't going to live in the online world forever. I clearly didn't have anything to be nervous about because our first phone conversation was 6 hours long, and we've talked every day since. 

Our first date was on Saturday, November 7. Shawn lives in Sisters, OR, 3 hours from Portland, but made the drive over the Cascades, through torrential downpour, to meet me in person. We met downtown for some lunch and then spent the rainy afternoon painting little owl ornaments. We were having such a great time, that we decided to continue our date (I count the second half as our second date). After we finished our ornaments, we drove to Rainyday Games and Shawn bought me 5 Crowns, to go with the water proof cards that he brought. Because we both like to play games, he wanted to make sure we had some to play whenever he came to visit. After playing a round of 5 Crowns (12 phases), we went to see a movie. After an eleven hour date, Shawn made the drive back home. 

Our first and second dates were a success! From then on, we've taken turns making the drive through rain and snow to spend time together. Getting to Friday is always a highlight and it's always hard to say goodbye on Sunday. It was really nice to get to spend Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years with him and his family. I appreciated getting more than 2 days at a time together and meeting all of his family, including his two boys, Josh (11) and Blake (9). 

In January, Shawn and I took a road trip for him to meet some of my family in Boise. We couldn't get everyone together, but I wanted to him to meet my parents and some of my siblings. It was really nice to see how easily he fit in with everyone.

We are still waiting on the ring to be made, but are in full swing with wedding planning. There are lots of details to coordinate, but most importantly, we are excited to start our lives together! Shawn is so thoughtful and good for me in a lot of ways. He always makes me feel special and taken care of. I am so excited to start this next phase of our journey together! 

The finished owls from our first date.

The orchids Shawn brought me on our first date.

Thanksgiving with Shawn's family

Trying to get Shawn to smile

Shawn's first cake EVER was for my birthday! He made me my favorite, chocolate & peppermint!

My test run for my snow chains. First time ever putting them on was my drive to Sisters for Christmas. I'm basically a professional now.

Christmas with Shawn's family.

Josh and Blake making a gingerbread house. Blake couldn't resist making a super cheesy face.

Getting Blake ready for sledding...trying on my snow pants. I'd say they are a little big.

Taking pictures of the ranch for his dad...why not take a selfie in the snow.

Couldn't resist a goofy face picture.

On the drive to Boise to meet some of my family.

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